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 For Thaiand and international operations, our company has established a production plant at Bangplee district, Samutprakan province, and headquarters at Suanluang district, Bangkok. (View map)

   The production plant consists of operation offices, three factories, a quality control area and a storage warehouse. All operation is performed under ISO9001:2000 standard environment.

   We appreciate the principle of producing reasonably priced products through a development of production technology rather than quality reduction. The factory is hence supplemented with various cutting-edge machines and well-trained officers. For instance, all capsule tanks are produced by a filament winding machine, constructed by our own design and technology. As a result, labor cost has diminished and productivity has increased. In addition, the BIOCELL biomedia, wastewater treatment system enhancers, are produced by our own machine. Therefore, the material cost has lessened.

Welcome to our production plant

Factory outlook from inside

Factory outlook from outside

Operation office facility

Tank production machine

Filament winding process

Machine preparation

BIOCELL production machine


BIOCELL storage facility

Air filter (for worker's health)

Quality control area

Quality Control area

Equipment for quality control

Q.C passed water treatment tank

Q.C passed water storage tank

Finished goods


Delivery to client's site