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     Since an establishment in 1984, we have been constantly developing our knowledge to provide the best products in the market, in terms of both quality and price. Becoming a leader in a fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) industry is the goal which we consider as our great achievement.

   Entire operations such as R&D, product designing, manufacturing and distribution are administered closely by our proficient professionals, in conjunction with the policy that primarily based on a customer satisfaction. These operation responsibilities are allocated to two companies as follows:

   Fibertech Co., Ltd. is responsible for manufacturing products in compliance with ISO9001:2000 standard and Thai and Japanese of Industrial Standard (TIS and JIS respectively).

   Fibertech International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is responsible for research and development, product designing and distribution, and customer support

    Water resources management is the FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) application that we have continually developed. We encompass a wide scope of water solutions, ranging from fresh water storage for multi-purpose usage to a domestic package wastewater treatment system.

   Water storage system (FIBERTECH®) is the solution that was designed to store and prevent a contamination inside a robust container. FRP is widely accepted as the most practical material for these purposes. In contrast to an obsolete metal and concrete container, FRP provides many advantages such as rust and fungus resistance and longer life time. The system is designed to suite all scale and type of buildings.

   Wastewater treatment system (BIOTECH®) is innovatively designed together by Thai and Japanese engineers. It is accompanied with a patented technology developed by our engineers. The system combines biological treatment mechanism with FRP material engineering to create a high efficiency water purification system. It also supports all scale and type of building.

   Moreover, we offer a FRP made-to-order service which includes product designing and production. Accessories for main products such as flexible joint, manhole cover, air blower and transmission pump are also offered.

    As a Thailand-based company, we are proud to supply quality products and services, as assured by ISO9001:2000 quality management system qualification, to the global community.

    Many International customers have confidence in our quality of service, for example, our wastewater treatment system was chosen for Malampaya gas plant project, which is operated by Shell Philippines Exploration, Chevron Texaco and PNOC companies. We also export our products to other 6 countries in Central and South East Asia region.